deirdra-yoag-3I have been practising yoga and studying its philosophies for over 20 years and specialise in yoga for relaxation and yoga for sports. I have a corporate business background so a first-hand understanding of pressurised environments which is very relevant to people who suffer from work related stress.

In addition to yoga, I am a qualified stress management consultant, conflict management trainer, hypnotherapist and NLP for sports practitioner. Teaching people simple daily relaxation techniques and functional yoga to incorporate into their busy lives is one of my specialities. On the sports front I am a Yoga Sports Coach™ and CYQ Yoga Teacher and also a L3 Register of Exercise Professional (REPS) qualified in GP Exercise Referral, Obesity Management and Nutrition and Lower Back Pain Care.



“I use an intuitive blend of all my disciplines in my teaching… its like solution based yoga for whatever “issue” the student comes with, be it tight hamstrings, a lull in their sporting performance, a stressful job, or just needing to connect more to their body. I love working one-to -one in the tradition of passing yogic knowledge on but I also enjoy the sense of fun and working together you can get from group classes.”




“Seeing people get the results they want is amazing. I am truly blessed to be able to teach and share such a gift with people whether its helping a runner perform better or stay injury free or helping someone cope with stressful situations and be able to make decisions in a clear manner. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping people achieve their goals and feel more confident, more calm and able to take on the world!”


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