47410634 - tibetan bell beside yoga position in a meadow the sunI use all the senses in my work, from the sound of mantra to the art of massage to delicious ayurvedic tastes, I guide people out of over stimulation back to their primal senses for them to return to feelings of self and home. It is something I believe is missing in our modern lifestyles and causes us to be disconnected with who we really are.

I am gifted in guiding people through complex changes, either those they are seeking themselves in the lifestyles or to those stressful life events that are thrown at us such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy. I work hard to ensure any programme is realistic and sustainable.

All the tools and self care rituals have been proven effective, many over thousands of years and are rooted in ancient tradition, yoga, medicines and plant essences.

I personally have practiced all the techniques I advise and have found them to be extremely effective at balancing and nourishing my mind and body as well as sustaining me through stressful life events of my own.

I would love if you joined me in this art of extreme self care and transformation through Sense Alchemy™




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