Do You Suffer from?

  • Tiredness during the day?
  • Yawning, lack of concentration, a desperate  desire just to put your head down and sleep?
  • Is the first thing you think when you awake how much you really want to just go back to sleep?
  • Is your work, sports training or enjoyment of life suffering from your tiredness? How about your mood?   
  • Anxiety about your lack of sleep?
  • Constant tossing and turning or inability to get off to sleep?

The Deep Sleep Guide is Just for You!

I use a tailored approach to help people with sleep issues. These range from Insomnia and other sleep issues including RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), Sleep Paralysis, delayed sleep phase disorders and Circadian rhythm sleep disorders.  In addition the tools I use can help increase energy levels during waking hours and promote overall stress management and relaxation.

My unique programme was developed using my knowledge of therapeutic techniques ranging from yoga to deep relaxation and coherent breathing. All of these combined with a personal approach bring you the very best non-clinical sleep advice there is.

I also use CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) which is the UKs NICE recommended guideline therapy for insomnia.  It has between 80-90% efficacy rate and is offered 60-90 minutes a week over a 5 week period. All the techniques in the programme are clinically evidenced over many years and studies. It also provides guidance for people to come off sleeping medications in a safe and effective manner if they choose.

This programme can be run in groups of up to 8 so is very cost effective for corporate businesses and GP surgeries.


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