Everything I share involves movement with the express purpose of finding inner stillness. From Yoga to Inner Dance, Thai Massage to Personal Training…all these disciplines, therapies and tools not only help people go through difficult life changes they are transformational on a deeper level.
Yoga, Thai Yoga, Inner Dance

I have a passion, the training and skill for helping people find calm and deep sleep. My approaches range from the medically accepted CBTi (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) programme to hypnotherapy, coherent breathing and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). Each programme is individually tailored.

The Queen of Sleep

I use all the senses in my work, from the sound of mantra to the art of massage to delicious ayurvedic tastes, I guide people out of over stimulation back to their primal senses for them to return to feelings of self and home.
Join me in this art of extreme self care and transformation!

Sense Alchemy™

“I have no hesitation in recommending Deirdra who worked on some personal development with me. The results went far beyond my expectations. She is extremely professional, with superlative interpersonal skills and made me feel completely at ease. She is an extremely competent NLP therapist, coach and hypnotherapist who works with her clients to enable them to obtain amazing results in a very short space of time.”
— D. Mulford-Joy

“I fully enjoyed the classes and they helped me doing my other
running and breathing. Your voice was so relaxing on the cool down.”
— Pauline Hazley

“My running schedule was always interrupted by niggling injuries but
these have disappeared since working with Deirdra on the yoga
techniques. I can now run consistently with the result of setting a
new personal best for 10km by ten minutes.”
— M. Boyes