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by Deirdra Barr | Aug 23, 2016 | Blog, The Queen of Sleep

qos2So after a long time in development, qualifying and working with sleep issues with clients I’ve officially launched a website which will not only cover lots of information about sleep issues but will host the Deep Sleep Guide programme.

Ironically I’ve had some sleepness nights working on this! But I made sure they were limited as the more I study sleep, its benefits and the impact of sleep deprivation the more I fully accept its importance.

I used to hate going to bed because there are so many things I want to learn and experience in life it just seemed a waste of time. I’ve always been a good sleeper rarely having disturbed sleep but after an extremely stressful period where my sleep was affected I started to study and use all kinds of techniques to help the situation.

I wanted to share these techniques with others because lack of sleep can literally drive you demented, along with causing other serious health issues.

Two of the most interesting things I learned about sleep were:

  • Sleep deficit can happen VERY quickly – even a week of less than 6 hours a night can change (yes, actually change) over 700+ genes in your DNA make up. Some of these genes affect your immunity, your stress response, and inflammation in the body which explains why sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues.
  • Sleep consolidates your memories and learning – so all those exciting things I learned and studied were not going to STAY in my brain unless I got good sleep

I hope you enjoy and learn loads about sleep and related topics and most of all may you always have deep peaceful sleep and awake refreshed and ready for your day ahead.

D, The Queen of Sleep


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