INNER DANCE is a guided internal journey set to music designed to enhance creative, therapeutic and relaxing brain wave states.  Some people lie still for the entire session, others are moved to dance.  It is not a “dance” in the way typically expressed, as we are not “dancing”, rather we become the movement itself. Dance is usually something coordinated by the brain which tells the body to move.  The Inner Dance process is a meditative, automatic, kundalini and spontaneous movement of self that actually rises above the ego and conscious mind.  It sounds simple but the effects are profound.


inner2Everyone’s expression and experience of Inner Dance is different each time. Anyone interested in healing and connecting deeply to the self within will find it immensely beneficial.

It’s become very popular in Asia where it was developed, now being used in education and medical establishments, also within trauma and birthing situations. For many people it has been hugely transformative and continues to build in impact the more they experience it.


Inner Dance has been very transformational in my life and it is my great pleasure to bring it to you.



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