“I have no hesitation in recommending Deirdra who worked on some personal development with me. The results went far beyond my expectations. She is extremely professional, with superlative interpersonal skills and made me feel completely at ease. She is an extremely competent NLP therapist, coach and hypnotherapist who works with her clients to enable them to obtain amazing results in a very short space of time.”

— D. Mulford-John

“My perception of Yoga for Sports has changed for good. Once I explained the why’s and how’s most people could understand how helpful it could be to a runner, or even anybody involved in a sporting activity. The programme helped me get through the MdS in pretty good shape, which was the aim at the time.“

— C. Cleghorn

“Really enjoyed the Yoga classes and it’s amazing at how quickly your body adapts to the yoga positions and also how quickly you improve. Following on from the relaxation section at the end of the class I left feeling relaxed and enjoyed a good nights’ sleep! It also had a massive impact on recovery time when I injured my lower back after a fall last winter – I was back doing my classes after 1 week!“

— Sarah Miller

“Having re-started martial arts after some years out of the sport and finding that the old limbs aren’t what they used to be, I consulted Deirdra regarding improving my flexibility. After some guidance and clear instruction, I began the yoga based stretching plan as shown. I could see significant results within two weeks and continue to improve week on week.“

— Andy Dawson

“The yoga techniques Deirdra has taught me have given me greater flexibility, balance and core strength with my running. My race times have improved over the past year and I am able to remain injury free.“

— D. Utton

“As an active climber flexibility is very important and Deirdra’s yoga classes have helped a lot. Other unexpected benefits have also helped with lower back pain as well as helping to me to relax which has improved my sleep.“

— Nick Bennett

“Deirdra is a natural leader and intuitively empowers everyone who works with her. She gives me space to try things out whilst always being there for advice, as well as letting me learn from my own mistakes.“

— S. Foster

“My running schedule was always interrupted by niggling injuries but these have disappeared since working with Deirdra on the yoga techniques. I can now run consistently with the result of setting a new personal best for 10km by ten minutes.“

— M. Boyes

“I attended a number of Deirdra’s classes and found that it really helped with my hip issues. Deirdra was able to show me certain stretches that would help to stretch out my hips and release any tightness which caused the pain. I also found the relaxation sessions very useful for me to relax and de-stress.“

— Laura Stockton

“I fully enjoyed the classes and they helped me doing my other running and breathing. Your voice was so relaxing on the cool down.“

— Pauline Hazley



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